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Our site production have been GMP’s certified for natural herb medicine product. The process have been completed with several standard procedure for quality check and assurance. Several unit from pre processing and main processing unit, such as raw material handling, grading, extraction, drying, grinding are supported by highly technology and food grade machinery. In other side of the site, packaging processing donates effective and efficiency production line using fully automatic primary and secondary packaging machine.


Quality assurance is the most issue that should be known and familirized by all of personal in site production. Quality policy in Zena is base of Quality plan execuiton in each unit production. Material, standard procedure, environment condition, and machine’s output are some of points that must be controlled and monitored to produce quality product. Some of physical and chemical testing are also held to make sure Zena deliver safe and standard product.


Zena production site constructed with highly clean and sterile standard material to guarantee the product quality. Maintenance and cleaning procedure are carried out to treat the clean room and non clean room insfrastructures. Completed by filterized air supply using HEPA filter system, assurre zero contamination risks. Hygiene and sanitation training programs for operators also deliver periodic and completed by continues improvement.