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Drying processing become one major unit processing that influence product’s quality in herb medicine industry. Nowadays, we invest a lot capital to deal with highly tech and modern drying tools. This condition is not in line with small and medium industry economic capability. That’s why drying machine with economy class investment become some of interest. Zena have improve some of drying machine and techniques to fullfill that needs.

We develop a combination of vacuum drying and short time-high temp process to build highly economic drying machine for industry. Some of basic of the drying processing are:

  • Vacuum drying

    Involves the use of a reduced-pressure atmosphere to surround the product. Drying is among the most energy-intensive unit operations, due to the high latent heat of vaporization of water and the inherent inefficiency of using hot air as the (most common) drying medium. Depending on the specific product attributes required, different industry sectors require different types of drying technology.


    Drying high-value products that are likely to be heat-sensitive, such as food, pharmaceuticals and biological products, demands special attention. In vacuum dryer, materials is dried by the principle or applications of vacuum. The water boils at a lower temperature when the pressure is lowered by creating the vacuum. So evaporation of water takes place faster. Vacuum dryer can be used for the drying of the following

    1. Heat sensitive materials, Dusty materials, hygroscopic materials, toxic materials can be dried in this vacuum dyer.
    2. Feed materials containing the solvents are also dried by this vacuum dryer. The solvent material can be recovered by the condensation process.
    3. Drugs which are required as porous end products.
    4. Friable dry extracts can be obtained through this drying process.



  • Drum Drying

    In the drum-drying process, pureed raw ingredients are dried at relatively low or high temperatures over rotating, high-capacity drums that produce sheets of drum-dried product. This product is milled to a finished flake or powder form. Modern drum drying techniques results in dried ingredients which reconstitute immediately and retain much of their original flavor, color and nutritional value.


    Some advantages of drum drying include the ability of drum dryers to dry viscous foods which cannot be easily dried with other methods. Drum dryers can be clean and hygienic and easy to operate and maintain


    Like no other dryer, the drum dryer can dry highly-sticky products and/or highlyviscous media, but low-viscous liquids can also be dried on the drum dryer. The crust that is then formed on the drum surface is, in contrast with other dryers


    The drum body of the drum dryer is heated on the inside by steam. A special composition of cast iron gives the drum a combination of favourable properties: very accurate shape retention even at high steam pressure and temperature, and excellent "scraping properties", which are utilised by the scraping knife. Steam heating gives a uniform temperature distribution over the drum surface and this results in consistent product quality. The steam condenses on the inside of the drying drum. The condensate is continuously removed from the drum, so that the largest possible surface area remains available on the inside of the drum for condensation of the steam. The steam system is a closed system, which means that the product cannot come into contact with the steam or condensate


    Combination of vacuum and drum drying process have been proven in Zena processing unit to assure highly and safe quality product.

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