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About Us

We are commited to applying our resources to improve human health and providing you to access our natural herb health products. Since 2006, Zena group company had develop many useful health product and brought us to become lead in natural health products provider. We are seeking beneficial partnership to spread out advantageous of the products wideworld, especially in your country.

Zena have develop entepreneurship programs for Indonesian, Garcia is one of the Zena product which have succeesfully promoted and contribute the spread of marketing network in our bussiness. Over 500 representation partners outspread in every city and not less than 5.000 outlets deliver Zena products. These active selling system have been proven donates more than 80% market share for Zena product.

Zena group company have a leading portfolio of products marketing in Indonesia, also. Thousands outlets scattered in every villages promoting our products. By developing our entrepreneurship values, we are also interested deliver your natural health product providing benefit in Indonesia.


Company Vision

Building a healthy world and society by providing quality healthcare product and services, developing natural (herb) resources to become advantageous products, and  spreading entrepreneurship in bussiness networks.


Queen Fruit (Mangosteen)

The subsurface chemistry of the mangosteen exocarp comprises an array of polyphenols and many antioxidant traces. Known as tropical fruit with unique colors, the pericarps contents of essential nutrition for human body. Xanthones, alfa-mangostines, gamma-mangostines are just few of antioxidants can be found in pericarp of mangosteen. The Xanthones and it’s derivatives had claimed by several useful researches as:

1. natural antioxidant,

2. anti-diabetic,

3. antikolesterol,

4. antiinflamatory,

5. antibacterial, etc.

Popular as plenty vitamin C’s natural sources, mangosteen also enriches by several B-complex vitamin such us thiamin, niacin, and folates at the most than another fruits. It’s moderately low in calories and rich of dietary fiber, makes this functional fruit safe and beneficial for all ages. Free of pesticide/fungicide, etc, when farming time, makes this unique flavour fruit become one of healthiest fruit source.



Zena group company has succesful in developing advantages of the mangosteen. Almost 7 years, GarciaTM extract of mangosteen pericarp has been using by Indonesian to protect their body againts several diseases. Moreover, the extract has been proven be able to cure many degeneratif illness such as diabetic, kolesterol, uric acid case, heart and blood vessel‘s illness. In other words, consumption of GarciaTM extract of mangosteen pericarp have subtitute our needs in many vitamin or medications.

GarciaTM extract of mangosteen pericarpis a years study and development, compromising needs of people in healthy diet product. Our site plant is completed by highly extraction and packaging utilities to ensure the subtantial matter in mangosteen safe. Quality control system assure that the advantageous of mangosteen pericarps deliver faultless to your families and extinguish several sickness form unhealthy dietary habit nowadays.